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Summer Plans as a Graduate

The graduation ceremonies commence in just over a week, and the Life Sciences graduands will be the first up. I am both nervous and excited for the ceremony and I can’t wait to get photos of my friends and I dressed in our gowns and mortarboards and being able to celebrate our results and hard work together.

My 3 years at Warwick have been great, however, it is difficult to sum up my experience and describe it well enough to give it the justice it deserves. Nonetheless, I will say that I have made many lovely friends, become a much more confident and independent individual, and strengthened my passion for biology and interests in human health and disease.

I am now looking forward to starting my career. My career plans are always changing, but for the moment, I am set on a career in medical communications as a Medical Writer. This role may also provide me with the opportunities for further study, such as a Masters in Public Health or Clinical Trials, which I would wish to do alongside my work. 

This summer, I’ve decided not to work back at the pub & restaurant which I worked at for the last two summer vacations. My jobs there were valuable experiences (see my previous blog) and provided me with an income to help during term-time. But as a graduate, I want to be able to focus on starting my long-term career, so will spend need to spend time finding positions and writing applications. I may also apply for a different temporary job that will enhance my CV through  providing me with a new set of skills. Also, I want to make sure I am energised and raring to go when the perfect opportunity arises.

So, for the time being, I am filling my days as I wish, and am enjoying spending quality time with my favourite people. This academic year has been very full on and I worked as hard as I could. It is safe to say it all paid off! So far, I’ve been spending time with friends, especially those who are going on years abroad; spending time with family, properly exercising again (admittedly, exercise took a back seat during Term 3), visiting new cities and towns, and cooking lots of meals – it has been really nice to make home-cooked meals for my parents so that they can relax after work. In addition, I have two holidays to look forward to: a family holiday to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen, and a relaxing holiday to Crete with a friend.

I hope you too are taking a well-earned break after your A Levels/IB/other exams, and are also looking forward to the next chapter in your lives too- be it  university, a gap year or a new job.

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