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Summer Plans

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It feels weird to write about summer plans at the end of March, but in one short month I’ll be finished with my year abroad here at Queen’s, and jumping into an almost 5-month summer break, that I am yet to fill with plans. Which is terrifying. But I also can’t wait – and here’s why!

An almost 2-month long road trip?

I wanted to be able to say that I’d been able to experience as much of Canada as possible by the time I leave, and also wanted to be able to do so as sustainably as possible. Flying was not an option for me, for several reasons, and I managed to time my purchase well enough to buy a 2-month unlimited rail travel pass with the train organization here! That was $400/£230 well spent (thank you Black Friday sales!) This has allowed me to really consider how I’m traveling for the rest of the trip – which will likely be public transport throughout cities; overall providing a much more emission friendly way to travel!

The plan is to head out west to Vancouver and Victoria, through the national park and the Rockies, then jump on and off the train at other cities including Edmonton, Churchill, and then back into Toronto. If I get the chance, I’ll be heading further out east (I keep forgetting how large the country is!), but the west is my main goal.  I’m planning on bringing this blog with me through photos (I won’t have any editing software with me) but from the 4-day long train journey through to the hiking and exploring, it’ll be something I can’t wait to share. 

Can’t wait to take photos of all of the places I’ll be visiting!


When back in England, sometime near the end of June, it’ll be time for the Open Days and Conference work (I’ve written about both jobs previously). I had applied for an internship in London but unfortunately was not successful, so have decided to return to my previous work on campus. I enjoy the variety of events and it’ll be a great chance to get used to being around campus with all the new changes before term 1 next year. 

Society prep is also going to be taking up a lot of time over summer as we prepare for a new set of students to come join us! From planning socials to sports fair, I’ll be working with the rest of the exec in Sub-Aqua to help students settle in as quickly as possible.  

This doesn’t seem like an awful lot of plans written down, but no doubt it’ll be interspersed with seeing friends I haven’t seen for a year, getting out and about, and prepping for final year. I’m so excited to get to see everyone again after so long, but at the same time am having to come to terms with leaving everyone I’ve met here behind for a while – which will no doubt receive it’s own post when I’m about to leave the country in June!


Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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