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Summer Plans!

This summer is going to be so fun, I have some exciting trips lined up and I cannot wait for exam season to be over. Here are a few of my plans:

TRAVEL: I have a cruise booked with my Boyfriend- around the Baltic and I am so excited. I have never cruised before, and I am visiting 7 countries altogether. We’re flying to Copenhagen, then hopping onto the cruise, going to Warnemunde, then Tallinn and St. Petersburg, then Helsinki, then Stockholm and then back to Denmark where we will fly back to Britain. I have not been to any of these places before and I am so buzzed to be doing it. I will be taking lots of photos and bringing back loads of trinkets. After the cruise I am hopping straight on a boat as a foot passenger to spend a few days in France with my family. We go away with my family and cousins every other year and we always spend our time swimming, playing cards and exploring the villages surrounding us.

For my Boyfriend’s birthday I also booked a trip to London in September- where I have some exciting things planned including visiting the Tate Modern, the Natural History Museum and the Harry Potter exhibition. One of the biggest perks about Warwick is the long summer. Of course, these trips I had to save for over time, and boy has it taken some saving, but I cannot wait!

CHARITY WORK: I am planning on selling some cakes in my local shopping centre on several different weekends to raise money for a local hospice. I am so excited and already have some pretty fun ideas. I love the idea of making muffins, cookies and some pretty cupcakes. I love to bake and selling them for a good cause is going to be so much fun. Plus I’m doing it with my sister which is going to make it even more special.

WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK: I currently have two jobs, the University blogging and I work for a Nursery Agency, but I have now got a Summer Contrast in FatFace. Though it’s only 13 hours I intend to nab as many extra hours as I can, along with working in the nurseries on other days too. Working with the Nursery Agency is pretty unreliable as it’s a zero hour contract, so it worked brilliantly for when I’m away at University, but when I need frequent hours, it’s a bit of a pain. So I will be trying to work in FatFace as much as I can. My ultimate goal is to go on the cruise with some extra spending money and come back to University for my third year with some more savings.

CLEAR OUT MY ROOM: Moving from one house to another has meant that I’ve ended up filling two rooms, I don’t know how I’ve done it, but I have shed loads of clothes, a ridiculous amount of decorations and it just needs to be organised. So my job is to clear my room and send a load of clothes to charity.

MOVE INTO MY NEW UNIVERSITY HOME: Next year is going to be my best year yet- I am living with my two closest friends in a flat! It’s really cute, it’s new and it’s so much closer to the Parade in Leamington than where I live now (Sydenham). I cannot wait to live with the girls in our own little flat.

GO TO THE GYM: I always feel better in myself when I go to the gym frequently, and unfortunately, this term, the gym has fallen to the bottom of my list- so I am going to get fit. I feel like the fitter you are, the more positive you feel, and ultimately your outlook on life becomes more positive too.

I am super excited for Summer, I feel like the week leading up to my final exam is going so slowly, and I just want to work, earn money, spend time with friends, get fit and travel. Plus I want to enjoy some of this sun instead of being sat at a desk!

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