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Summer Holidays

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Home sweet home !

It is so nice being home after such a stressful term. I hope exams went well for all of you. For those of you who are still at Warwick: keep your head up, almost done !

Now that I’m in the comfort of summer holiday, it is definitely strange not having anything to do. So for this blog, I thought I would share some of my ideas of what to do during summer!

1. Get back to your old hobby!

I unfortunately am not able to play the piano when I am at university. Although I could if I wanted to, I have other priorities when I am at Warwick. This means that for me, playing the piano and picking up on songs that I left off when I went to university is definitely a treat! Take some time to get back into your old hobbies, whether it is a sport, an instrument, drawing, … It is such a nice way to relax and it definitely is a good start to the holidays.

2. Earn some money!

Summer is always nice to see friends, go out, go to restaurants, and treat yourself! Why not use the time to earn a bit of money on the side with a part-time job? This option allows you not only to earn some of your own money, for your own use, but it might also potentially be an asset for your CV!

3. Travel, travel, travel!

Yes I suppose this is an obvious one but I am also very tempted to just stay at home for 3 months as I’ve been away for the most part of a year. Travelling is an amazing opportunity to see the world, discover new places, and have fun, whether it is on your own, with your family, or with a group of friends. Do not let money be an excuse not to go travelling! I am not telling you take a flight to the other side of the world and stay at a 5 star hotel but there are so many affordable, amazing places to go. If you would like me to do a blog on “cheap” but beautiful places to visit, let me know, and I will get going on that ASAP!

4. Challenge yourself!

Something I have enjoyed doing over the past summer holidays is challenge myself, and try new things I have not had the opportunity to try before. What am I talking about? You guessed it: A BUCKET LIST! This is something you can do on your own, with your sibling, with your best friend, with your parent, or even with your dog if you want to. It is so much fun and it guarantees no moments of boredom.

I hope you all enjoy your summer holidays as much as possible. If you have any other ideas that I could at to this list, let me know!

Summer 2018, here we come !

Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

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