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Summer Happenings

We’re well into summer now, next year’s modules have all been applied for, my house for next year is ready and waiting and I continue to miss the uni life!

So far over summer a lot of what I’ve been doing has involved working on my businesses and meeting up with old school mates. It’s been good to catchup with everyone! The one issue with going to a university populated by people from all over the world is that your best mates from uni could live hundreds or thousands of miles away from you! In my case, living in the middle of nowhere somewhere up north, everyone lives miles away.

As such, I’ve not seen anyone from university so far over summer. The flip side to having mates all over the world is that you can get free accommodation wherever they are. To that end, I’m heading to Brussels for a long weekend in September to stay with one of my uni friends (this is a massive upside to having international friends!).

Aside from all this, I’ll be heading to Italy soon for a week long holiday with the family. Hopefully I’ll come back relaxed and ready to get back to work!

Over summer so far I’ve not had any university related work to do (as I’ve had no resits to do). This has been great, as it’s allowed me to focus on other areas of interest and still give me some free time to relax and meet up with mates. I’m sure as we near the end of summer there may be the odd bit of prep work to be done before term starts again in October.

That’s all for now, see you soon,


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