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Summer? Get the wellies out!

As I watch the rain falling steadily I have mixed feelings. The good side is that I will not have to water the young, irresistible to slugs, plants and that the water butts will be filling up for warmer, dryer days to come, hopefully. The downside is that any fields I will be standing in, whilst representing CLL or the University, might be a bit wet and soggy. More wellingtons than flip-flops. That said I pray for dry weather if not sunshine as the organisers of the events we attend work hard to put them together and rain inevitably reduces the number of attendees. I remember the University open days last June with students dancing to ‘Singing in the Rain’ whilst wearing plastic ponchos that were no longer keeping us dry. It was great fun though and the visitors appreciated the humour.

CLL student ambassadors are out and about this weekend. On Friday we will be outside the central library in Coventry, Saturday you can find us in Fargo Village for the Pride festival and for the entire weekend we will be at the Peace Festival in Leamington. If you find yourself at, or near, any of these come and say hello or bring friends or family who may be interested in finding out more about what CLL has to offer. The forecast at the moment is for dry weather, fingers crossed.

The other reasons for hoping for a dry spell is so that the schools can enjoy their sports days and outdoor activities as they come to the end of the school year and those taking holidays in Britain or staying home can appreciate our beautiful countryside and beaches at their best.

At home my husband has constructed a beach hut out of old bits of shed and some paint. Michael misses the warmth of Australia and the outdoor living. The hut, or beach shed as I call it, is intended to give extended time in the garden, even if it means lighting the chimnea or gas lamp to keep warm. The hut looks like an ordinary, small, garden shed when the doors are closed. However, open the doors and it is a blue and white striped beach hut, with pictures on the walls and an old fishing rod strung across the back. The dogs view it with mixed feelings. Betty our big fluffy black dog thinks it exciting, as she does everything. Dylan, our lurcher, can not understand why we would want to sit outside after 7pm. This is because there is no sofa for him to stretch out on and we have to endure stares and big sighs as he doesn’t want to sit indoors alone!

Last week I went to Kent to attend the funeral of a friend. As we move through life our own mortality is brought into sharp focus when we lose a loved one, especially if they are of our own generation. My friend was always encouraging with regard to my academic endeveavours, even if she thought I was completely mad. I shall remember that encouragement when I am writing assignments and think of her voice spurring me on. Though sad at losing the physicality of her, I shall always laugh when I think of her and the times we spent together. Lynda felt that life was for living and I often feel that is what I am doing by fulfilling a lifelong dream, even if a bit late in the day!!

Looking forward to the weeks ahead, we shall be celebrating our Grandson’s first birthday with a visit to the zoo and a party. There is some catching up with friends planned and preparing to start the internship as well as all the usual flotsam of life. Importantly, there is the end of year CLL party on the 1st of July. Hope to see you there, though I shall be blogging again beforehand to give you all another reminder!

Have fun and I hope that all your results are good ones (mine too of course!).

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