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Summer after Year 1

The first ten days of vacation have been soul soothing. My exams ended on 6 June and our Muslim fasting month- Ramadhan started from 7 June. The fasts in UK were quite long as sunset was usually around 9:30pm. I remorsefully spent my last week at Warwick with friends and enjoyed a few end of exam parties alongside. The remorse of realization that I was a fresher for just a few more days overshadowed the joy of exam freedom. Moreover, living on campus for 9 months had created that sense of belonging for that place. Next, emptying my room was quite expectedly an arduous task. I left lots of stuff at one of my relative’s house in London. However, even that didn’t help me from being 11kg in excess of the 30kg baggage allowance. On 11 June, I flew from UK to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to see my family. I hadn’t gone home all year so seeing them after 9 months was another highlight for me. Going to Saudi Arabia to spend a part of my vacation sounds strange. However, someone who has lived in KSA for a while can confirm that this is an amazing place. The food, the Ramadhan atmosphere and being in the desert cities is what makes it enjoyable for me. I am here because my father works here. After two weeks, I will be travelling back to my homeland Karachi, Pakistan. I will spend the next three months in Karachi until I fly back to UK in late September.

Warwick has been quite generous with holidays as we end late but start late too! This year has been a great learning curve for me. I have realized something about how I can manage time better, and which direction I need to travel to find the balance between part time work and academics. Moreover, over the next three months, I hope I can work towards the goals I have set for myself. This blog was more generally about how I will spend my summers as my readers should know more about their beloved blogger.

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