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Studying Biomed? Here’s Why You Should Come to Warwick

With eyes set on Medicine, Biomedical Science is a fall-back option for a fair number of students, however all the rest study it due to a genuine interest in the course. Whatever your reasons for considering Biomed, you should select Warwick as the university to read the course. Here’s why.


When your age is still a single digit, the only universities you know are normally Oxford and Cambridge. A few years pass and you start hearing the word ‘Warwick’ thrown about. Who are they? Why does every respectable adult mention them? Surely they aren’t constantly talking about the actor who played the Gringotts goblin in Harry Potter? Then you realise. Warwick is a university. Warwick is hiiiigh up in the league tables (top 10 thank you very much). Warwick is the place to study. 

I remember being shown around my secondary school on their open day and the person giving us the grand tour had just got their university offer. When they excitedly told me it was from Warwick, 10-year-old me gave a polite nod and made a mental note to search it up when I got home. Now, when I bump into people and they ask what I’m up to, I mention I study at Warwick. I can’t recall a single person who didn’t react with a ‘wow’ or a ‘that’s a great university’ or a ‘blimey that’s hard’. Pair that with biomed, your head explodes. 

My point is, Warwick is a darn good uni. It’s got a smashing reputation and a degree from here will make any employer salivate. 


            Getting more biomedical, the course here is top tier. Labs every week in first year were brilliant. The idea terrified me before I came (good terror) but honestly, they break up the lectures, aid your learning and are just… fun. The labs make you feel like a proper scientist as you wear a lab coat and gloves but there are also swanky machines and expensive equipment. I don’t know about other unis, but I don’t imagine their laboratories are as cool as ours. Warwick is a research-based uni. That basically means our labs are top notch and you get to make use of them. You probably won’t get that elsewhere. 


            The biomed course is diverse. It’s interesting. It’s extensive. It covers a lot of different areas so eeeeeven if there was a little bit you weren’t so keen on, there’ll be plenty you’ll like. Have a peek on the website to see the modules Warwick offer (or see what I chose: ), but I reckon you’ll come out with some really decent knowledge. 


            SLS, the School of Life Sciences, just makes me so happy. It’s probably my favourite part of Uni. SLS covers biomed, biochem and biology and we all sit on Gibbet Hill. That means we’re away from the main campus. Our little area is really beautiful with a picturesque 5-minute walk down to main. Location aside, the SLS is just fab. They just do their own thing. For example, non-SLS students have to work on their dissertation all throughout their final year WHILST doing lectures and exams and stuff. SLS students get all their lectures and exams out the way. All of them! Then we have a beautiful bit of term designated to our dissertations (research projects). It’s so great. I love it. But wait, that’s not all. Officially, results day was on 12 July for final year students. SLS students got their provisionals 12 days early! This was to allow students who must re-sit exams to have as much notice as possible. This is why biomed at Warwick is just fab. I can’t recommend it enough. 

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