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Studying and being a mother

This must be my hardest blog to write about uni, as I’ve been finished for quite a while now, as I didn’t have any exams.The wait for marks and the exam board seems like forever! For the last month I have been working; I secured myself a part time job through Unitemps. If you’ve never heard of Unitemps, have a look at their website Essentially it’s the universities temping agency, which offers temporary or permanent jobs, part-time or full time. It’s been really useful for me whilst I’ve been studying to be able to work when I need to.

If you’ve been reading my blogs you’ll know I have a daughter called Faith. Faith is off to ‘big school’ in September, for all of us she starts reception; and she’s really looking forward to it. Today we have a stay and play session where we can all go along and see her new classroom and meet some of her new friends. She is absolutely hyper this morning, she can’t wait to go, let’s just hope she comes out of the school today the same! Being a parent and studying hasn’t always been easy, but I’m glad I’ve been able to show Faith that studying is something to be encouraged.

Being a parent and studying isn’t always easy, especially if you’re the mother. Sorry guys I don’t want to leave you out, but unless you do all the ‘mother’ chores you may not know what I mean (some of us still live in a ‘world’ where the mother does most of the caring and looking after the home). Studying full time and still having to pick the children up from school or nursery, sorting out meals, buying presents, cards, clothes and the essentials is something generally the mother still does; and let’s not forget the washing, ironing and somehow trying to keep the house looking like it’s not a pig sty, but a loving family home! Add onto the top of all of that your reading, essays, revision and there are times when I’ve thought (and I’m sure others have to), why on earth am I doing this? However, please don’t give up, keep going, the accomplishment of studying and raising a family is an amazing feeling and something you should be very proud of.

Therefore, now the warmer weather is here, you will find me enjoying the heat, when I’m not at work anyway, relaxing while Faith is still at nursery and enjoying a book that has nothing to do with studying!

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