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Studying abroad through PAIS

Hello everyone,

PAIS is a great choice if you are interested in studying abroad – whether that is for a term, a summer, or even a year!

There is so much choice:

As part of the Warwick-Monash Alliance, PAIS offers an exchange opportunity with Monash University in Australia. I am super super super excited to be going to Australia next year!

There are also two exchange programmes in Japan:

– Hokkaido University, Sapporo

– Waseda University, Tokyo

The Erasmus+ programme provides the opportunity to study at a university across Europe; from Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Austria, and more!

The opportunities mentioned above do not count towards your degree – they take place between your second and final year – and so, your degree will be four years long.

If you want studying abroad to count towards your overall degree; there are opportunities to study in Canada or the USA during your second year, in which case you will be required to come back to Warwick for your final (third) year.

There are also opportunities available to do a semester in your second year in Hong Kong, a summer abroad in China and many other destination choices for a year such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, and more!

Please do note that these destinations are available as of 2015/16; it may change!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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