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Study tips for Term 3/ A Level Exams:

Term 3 and the stress of summer exams can be taxing. Similarly, some of my readers are potential Warwick Students and they may be faced with the wrath of upcoming A Level exams. I have compiled a list of tips that I found useful speaking in light of my first year University experiences and A Level experiences.

By starting early, I mean start at least a good month before. This is what worked really well for me throughout A Levels. And this is also something that I regret for NOT following it during my first year of University. Starting to study early saves you from the panic. Last year, I started studying pretty late and in the end, I was more often looking to learn things by heart sometimes rather than actually understanding them. With plenty of time in hand (like a month), this will not be the case and you can then invest more time instead of looking for shortcuts. And trust me, the worst thing you can do while especially studying my degree is look to rote learn instead of understanding. This is because University exams thoroughly test your knowledge and usually past papers are as not readily available as A Levels which makes it tougher to follow a pattern.

Some days you will start like:

‘Okay, today is a good day to study. Let me study till 7pm and see what I can achieve.’

Trust me, this is the worst way to go about it (at least in my own experience)! You may end up the day with half of the work you can actually do and be more distracted as you do not have a definite target in mind. I have achieved a lot more when I have planned my days. For instance, I would go about business like:

‘Ok, today I will complete Lecture 7-9 for Finance, and two Seminar Question Sets for Law.’

This allows me to achieve my target and be more contempt at the end of the day when I actually do achieve it. In this manner, you can make a month long study plan and can hopefully cover all that you want to do.

For my A Levels, I always studied in my room, in fact in my bed. But then, University occured! I could not focus in my room. Or more so, this year, I cannot choose my room since my friends in Canley use my room as one of Canley’s socially acceptable gathering point. Part of it being, that my room is huge but other part also being that we do not have a ‘Coffee Architect’ in Canley. Coming back to the point, finding study spaces on campus in Term 3 will be as tough as finding a needle in a haystack. I guess I will find beach resorts in Dubai cheaper rather than paying someone an amount for vacating a space in the library.


^ Library will not be as empty at 31st May, 13:15pm then it is at 31st April, 13:15pm (definite claim!)

Hence, point being, get in the library or the grid 9-10am during Term 3!! Or keep sleeping through and try finding ‘innovative spaces’ on campus to study.


Those innovative spaces will be covered in my April/May blogs so stay tuned…

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