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Now that term 3 is kicking off, everyone is buckling down and revising for tests, and exams and writing all their essays. But as the whole university goes into work mode, there may not be many study spaces readily available for you to use or there may be spaces that you don’t even know about, so I’m going to break down a few of the available spaces to study on campus.

The Library

The most obvious place to get all your work done is the library. Yet because it’s so popular, it’s the main study area for a lot of people. Fear not, the library has 5 floors with extensions of floors 2 and 3 to get all your work done. Each floor has its own noise requirement, like the collaborative zone on floor 1 or the silent rooms on the floor 2 extension. However, it’s not uncommon to spend a couple of minutes searching for a place to sit in the peak times of the day, i.e. around 12-5 as people come straight from lectures and seminars. But with water fountains on every floor and alternating male and female toilets on each floor, the library has proved itself as a good and popular study space. If you get hungry, there’s the library cafe downstairs if you want to grab a coffee or even your lunch too!

The Learning Grid

The learning grid in the Rootes building is another popular spot for people to work. Here you can use one of the small seminar rooms if you have a group project you need to work on or study in the open spaces. Like the library, you need to use your student ID to enter and exit the area. Also like the library, the Learning Grid on central campus can get quite busy, so it may be a bit of a task to find a seat! However, it is still quite a good space to work. Plus, if you need a snack or a drink, Curistea and Pret are only a short distance away.


The new Faculty of Arts Building has proven to be quite a nice place to study. With its elaborate interiors, it’s definitely a good place for you if you enjoy a good view while you work. You can either decide to work in the outside areas, with isolated tables or collaborative tables with a screen you can connect to, or in one of the free rooms where you’re almost guaranteed your quiet. There are many floors to choose from if a room or a table is not available. The FAB is definitely a nice place to study, and the new Cafe Nero has opened on the ground floor too, so a quick snack or drink is always available.

The Oculus

Another busy and popular study space on campus is the Oculus. With massive glass windows looking out at the FAB, the Oculus is also a really nice place to work – also with comfortable seating. Here is also a great place if a view is one of your requirements for a study space. However, you may still have trouble finding a seat during the peak times of the day, but if you come early enough, there should always be space available. Likewise, if you get hungry at any point, there’s a little place that makes waffles and other sweet treats on the ground floor!

The Arts Centre

Not just a place to watch amazing performances, the Arts Centre has a few tables and chairs dotted around for you to work at if you wished to. Generally an ambient place to revise, the Arts Centre is nice if you don’t want a place particularly devoted to studying. And a new food place has opened up, so it’s a great place to grab your lunch too.

The Green Room

Located in the SU, the Green Room is like a cafe study space where you can order food, sit in your own space and just concentrate on work. Another atmospheric place to work on central campus, the Green Room is definitely one of the top places to study.

These are just a few of the spaces to study on campus, but I guarantee there are many more, it just takes a bit of looking. I hope you’re able to find a good place to work in this exam period – whether that’s in your room or in one of these spaces – and let the revision begin!

NigeriaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
I love anything creative. I act, dance, sing, play instruments,…
Find out more about me Contact Mine

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