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Study Spaces on Campus

Exam season in Term 3 only means one thing..

the library will be packed.

I am a person who needs to study somewhere outside my room, so if I want a spot in the library, I will need to wake up really early in the morning. But sometimes, I don’t and will end up not getting a space to study in the library.

Now there are places where you can do some studying. Here are some of them.

1. The Humanities building

The study spaces that are made available are H0.01 and H2.53/4, but if you wish to have a group discussion on your own you have the option to book the rooms online. I prefer studying here as the tables are a lot bigger and the environment is not as tense as I would be studying in the library.

2. The Oculus building

There are some rooms in the Oculus ground floor which are available for quite studying, I like this area as well, though sometimes it gets dark because the lights are activated by sensor movements. So if no one moves for a long time, the room will suddenly go darker. But it is a decent place to study since it’s near Rootes Grocery store and the Piazza so when you need a nice 5 minute break, you can just go outside and enjoy the sun!

3. The Social Science Building 

There are some spaces outside the newly-renovated rooms in the social science building, it is an open space so if you prefer studying in an open area and not in a room, this is the place for you. 

4. Other Learning Grids

There are learning grids across campus which is the one in University House and one in the Rootes building. You will need your student card to access these areas, just like the library. They have a mix of quiet and loud areas and also near cafes like Costa and University House Cafe respectively so if food motivates you, and you need your shot of caffeine, these places will be convenient. 

Here are some lists of study spaces that I could list down. For more information, click here so that you don’t have to worry about waking up early to get a spot in the library anymore!


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