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A lot of first years always struggle to identify the secret study spots on the university campus, however once you get past Term 1 they become more apparent. Hopefully with this you’ll be able to find these places much quicker! This would not only be beneficial for first years, but also second and third years who may have spend their time before studying in their rooms.

The library – This one probably seems very obvious, however what I actually only discovered during Term 3 of last year is that there are quiet study areas on higher floors. These are a lifesaver! When the first and second floors are busy (which they will be), you’d want to study in higher floors.

The Rootes Building – This buiding is close to the SU and is a very nice learning grid that you can use for individual study and there are also group study rooms that you can book. In these rooms you can study with your friends especially during exam season.

The University House – This is my favourite study spot (this is not only because of their amazing breakfast and lunch). The study area is very comfortable and makes me feel very homely. They have plenty of whiteboards and a small variety of textbooks available, too. You can find group study spaces here, too.

There is also a BioMedgrid especially for Life Sciences and Medical students as well as a Teaching Grid aimed at people who are going into teaching.

The Arts centre – I have had a few people mention to me that they use the area on the top part of the arts centre to study. I would usually find this too loud, but people learn best in different environments. I would say for first year students, try to experiment around different locations to see what suits your learning style best.

Finally, empty lecture rooms – When you see that a lecture is going to be empty for the next lecture slot or even if you book one through the roombooking service on the warwick university page, having a whole lecture to yourself sounds amazing right? You can actually make use of this fantasic opportunity. In my opinion, the lecture rooms are pretty great in the Oculus as well as in Maths and Stats.

Hope this post has helped you to identify some of these "hidden" locations around campus. With this post I’ve also provided links to the room booking service as well as the group study booking facility, too.

Happy studying!

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