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Study a degree subject that you actually enjoy

Hello everyone!

I have recently been reflecting a lot about the academic decisions that I made throughout my life and I can’t stress enough how important it is to study a degree that you actually want to do. I have always been more of an arts and humanities kind of girl, but I was a bit of a jack of all trades at GCSE. After finishing my A-levels, I was torn between studying a degree related to Art, or studying English. Many people told me how pointless arts degrees were and that I should instead choose to study English, but I didn’t listen to them, and I am so glad that I chose Art History.

I absolutely love the History of Art course that I have studied over the last three years, and the degree has only made me even more passionate and eager to learn, as well as to teach what I know, as I now want to become an art teacher. Plus, I didn’t even know the course existed until I started researching properly and thinking about what I enjoyed doing at school. The bottom line is that if you study something that you don’t actually enjoy learning about or doing, you will get nowhere and end up stressing out and feeling depressed. The amount of students that I speak to that tell me they are choosing to study a degree subject because their parents would be happy or they’ve been peer pressured by friends, family, or a partner seriously worries me. Many university students who drop out do so because they don’t enjoy the subject that they chose.

So before you commit to studying the same thing for four years, take a moment to think about what subjects you actually enjoy, what roles you like taking and what jobs may need those skills, and thoroughly research all the options available to you before you devote yourself to a course. Don’t listen to what everyone says to you, if you think you will enjoy a course and you’ll be good at it, then go for it. Also, if you’re still torn after researching, there are many courses which offer joint honours and combine two subjects and there are plenty of courses which will offer a wide range of different module topics, so read up on what course descriptions are on offer to make sure you will be covering areas that are of interest to you.

If you have a specific job in mind, find out the different educational/career paths you can take and choose a degree which will help you get to your end goal. Don’t just do a degree because you think you’ll get a high wage at the end of it, the job market is extremely competitive so you may as well pick a career that you are actually going to enjoy doing, and generally, you will be better at the things you like doing anyway. Although any degree will be tough, the ride is a lot easier if, for the most part, you are eager to learn the course content and enjoy it. I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through a course that I didn’t like so please decide for yourself and pick something you love to do. After all, it will impact your life, not anyone else’s.

Thanks for reading!

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