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Student Union Coronavirus Community Facebook Page

You’re probably right now like me on here because you’re bored and you want something to do. Well I’ve got just the thing! The Warwick Student Union now has a new page called “Warwick SU Corona Community” which they post lots of activities and information to, to help us through Lockdown. They have many activities from lots of different societies and groups posted on there but here are just a few.  


Pop!- Yes that’s right Disco Dave is doing a livestream of pop (our student Union club night) each week with all the usual cheesy tunes that we love. You can form a watch party with your friends or facetime for circling/pres (I’d recommend the houseparty app) and lots of societies run after parties. It’s only an hour but it’s a great way to feel connected with the Warwick bubble as live comments are posted so you can all share sentiments on how bad Dave’s wifi is together (sorry Dave).  

Radio and podcasts- RAW radio did a livestream last Saturday, chatting, playing games and topical discussion of what’s going on at the moment. There is also an isolation podcast linked on the group for when you get bored and you just need to hear a voice that isn’t your parents nagging you. This is also jammed full of Warwick content and follows the ups and downs of the crisis. Things like the radio show and the podcast are just a great way of killing an hour of your endless free time and taking a break from the endless rounds of Netflix.  

Livestreams or alternative activities from societies- this group is also great for letting you know what’s going on in societies that you may not be part of but that are better adapted to long distance outreach. For example, the baking society have been putting out recipes and livestreams following them which is a great way to fill your time productively (and tastily) by learning a new skill or just developing an existing talent. Other societies are perfect for lockdown like the Minecraft who have put together a server for Warwick students which would be a great thing for you and your friends to do together.  

Other information- The group isn’t all about Warwick either it offers general advice for ways to fill your time like a recent post I saw with a link to the livestream at Chester zoo. You can do a virtual day out with your mates! 


So, whether if you’re a Warwick student get on the page and stay connected and if you’re a prospective student this is a great opportunity to see what our student union and societies have to offer. Stay safe everyone, stay entertained and if you can stay happy.  

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