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Student Support at Warwick

University can be tough. There’s no way to sugar coat it; you’re away from home (possibly for the first time), studying at a world class university, meeting new people every day, all while socialising and juggling deadlines and joining societies and cooking for yourself…. And sometimes it can all get a bit too much. That doesn’t mean to say that university isn’t fun though. Everyone says that uni is the best days of your life, and after only two terms, I’m inclined to agree with them! Yet no one says that it isn’t tricky, and sometimes things get a bit overwhelming.

That’s what happened to me anyway in the first term of university. What matters though is that there is support here at Warwick to help students through difficult times. When I was having issues, I went to see my personal tutor. This is a member of staff who I meet with every week, along with a couple of other MathsPhys students, to discuss academic and pastoral issues (if there are any). It was incredibly useful to be able to book an individual meeting with my tutor, be able to talk through how I was feeling and put into place some plans to help me cope better. I had felt like I was the only one struggling, and so had been too nervous to talk to anyone about it for a long time, but after talking with my personal tutor and some of my course friends, I realised lots of people felt the same way. This means that support is always on hand, as the university encounter the same problems faced by students every year.

As well as personal tutors there are many other student support services available, like student counselling, Nightline and the residential life team, the latter of which live in student accommodation blocks and so are immediately on hand if there are any issues. With all the student support here at Warwick, it’s nice to know that if it reaches a point when university life isn’t feeling too rosy, there is someone there to go and talk to and help get you back on top form!

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