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Student Mums – Meeting deadlines

By now you have all grasped the concept of juggling. No matter what you are studying, being a student implies a certain juggling skill. How to juggle coursework and deadlines, many students will also be away from home for the first time, so juggling your student loan to pay bills, eat and have enough money to socialise with your fellow students I expect is a gruelling task. But what about those of us who have to throw children and family home sized balls into that juggling mix? It’s tough, right?

As a student mum, I find meeting deadlines my biggest hurdle to overcome each term. Whether I have a full day at Uni or just a short lecture, my day begins at 6am with 2 children standing over me demanding breakfast. This week the deadlines have hit me like a ton of bricks. Four deadlines have come out of nowhere and I have just a few weeks to complete 3 assignments, a presentation and a podcast. (I still haven’t quite figured out what one of them is yet, but all in good time!)

For many, weekends are a perfect time to play ‘catch up’. For student mums like myself, weekends are an impossible time to do any kind of reading, writing or anything that involves taking the attention away from the kids for more than 10 minutes. This weekend I did get my laptop and lecture notes out with a firm plan in place to get at least one assignment done. At that very moment my 11 year old belted out the latest Little Mix album at the top of her voice on repeat and my toddler sat on his potty, (which he’d placed on my revision notes) and whilst doing ‘his business’ proceeded to ask me what colour every single firework was that went off behind me outside my house. – This is literally my life!

Consequently, the paperwork was put back away and the laptop was firmly closed! Today I took my ‘little angels’ to nursery and school and decided one assignment was being finished today by hook or by crook! And I did just that. I came home, switched off the TV, got back into my PJ’s, as being dressed means I must go food shopping and do any other job that takes my mind off the Health and Welfare Policy literature review that’s due in next week, and I proceeded to complete my assignment. Sometimes I prefer to be at home, having a day in the house and completing my coursework, however sometimes I will spend the day in the library or in Warwick’s learning grid, and last week I sat in Varsity for a whole 4 hours and drank my own weight in coffee! – I felt I needed the noise and their Lattes are to die for! Tomorrow I’ll be studying all day to hopefully make a start on another assignment. Where? Who knows?….

I suppose what I’m trying to say is do whatever works for you. I’m reminded daily of how tough being a student mum is, when I’m exhausted trying to keep my eyes open during a sociology lecture, or when I’m writing an essay and all I am thinking about is whether I’ve paid for my daughter’s school trip or not, but I think it’s safe to say I’m not doing too bad at it so far!

Don’t beat yourself up for wanting family time. You deserve it and so do they! Just take a step back, breathe and figure out what time you have, and what setting you’d like to do it in. You’ll get there. xx

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