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Student Life- The Balls

Most Warwick nights out involve going to a club where you get all sweaty however the three balls of the year are the perfect excuse to get dressed up (just see the photo I put up). This year I went to Graduation Ball (only for third years and finalists, but you can bring a guest). There is also Sports Ball and Postgraduate Ball. In my first year, I went to Sports Ball with UWWNC (women’s netball) and UWRC (Warwick riding). I’ve played netball throughout my university time and one of my best friends is a Warwick rider.

The day is exciting from the moment you wake up. For me, I like to get my nails done (something I can’t usually do during the netball season due to length) first thing in the morning after my shower. It gets me out of bed and awake ready to get dolled up. By this point I’ve already picked out my dress, don’t worry you don’t have to spend lots! You can get a lovely dress on any budget if you are struggling with charity shops also stock cocktail dresses or long gowns. When choosing your gown to make sure it’s comfortable to sit in and that you can dance in it. Also, comfy shoes are a must, I always end up taking my heels off.

Most people head to the Piazza (central campus) early for photos and drinking. You can choose whether to drink or not. But, the campus has some lovely spots for taking photos, however, in my first year it did rain so bring an umbrella! For Sports Ball this year they had popcorn and candy floss on the Piazza but this all depends on where the SU spend their budget.

Before the Ball, seating plans must be submitted online, for Sports Ball social secs often do this. But, for Graduation and Postgraduate Ball you need to submit these yourselves! If you don’t there’s no guarantee you’ll be sat with friends. You will receive an email when you can collect tickets, but you can still do this on the day. The SU put on coaches there and back so don’t worry about travel. The food has been lovely both years and there’s always been a photobooth which of course I have been in both years. There’s usually live music and everyone gets up to dance. Overall, Graduation Ball has been the perfect excuse to get dressed up and take some lovely photos. It’s special for me since my friends are all dispersing after this year so, it’s the last major event that we all did together. It truly was the highlight of my year and a night that I will never forget! It was well worth the money!

Graduation Ball

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