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Student Jobs Series: Summer School Ambassador

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Hey everyone! This month’s first post is focused on another student job – although this is a little bit of a different one to normal.  Instead of focusing on a part-time job throughout uni, being a Summer School ambassador on a variety of different programmes through the summer vacation is the focus. I’ve briefly touched upon the summer schools in my WWS posts, but as applications are now open I thought I would focus more on what I did and what the benefits of it were.

At the end of my first year, I worked on the Pathways to Law summer school in July 2017. This included four-five days of activities, supporting the teaching and learning of students from across the country who had an interest in law. The students were in year 12, and I was grouped together with law students from Nottingham and Manchester to help lead a small group of students throughout the week. Despite not studying law, I really enjoyed this week and found I was able to support the students without the subject-specific knowledge, as well as having fun along the way! Interacting and working together with the other student ambassadors really helped improve my teamwork skills, and being able to support the students was both fun and worthwhile.

I really enjoyed being able to come back to uni for a little bit, and being able to spend my summer working on a really fun and worthwhile project.  For the summer school, we stayed in Tocil, and had meals in the Rootes building with the conference catering. Whilst we did stay in the flats with students, there are also positions for night staff available that get the same accommodation/food, but keep watch overnight in the halls. Personally, my role was working with the students in their groups, showing them around campus, and generally checking up to make sure everyone was doing well and adjusting to being away from home.

I really can’t recommend people to apply enough – it was something that was incredibly fun and also a great opportunity to develop transferrable skills. Only being one year out of high school myself, I found that I was growing in confidence and communication skills as I worked with the two group leaders in order to support students. Sometimes it was a case of ensuring students stayed focused and working hard, other times was taking students to the side and checking in to make sure they were doing well – some were homesick, others worried, and it was a case of signposting students to the correct place and being able to empathise with them and understanding what they might be going through.

Finally, organisation was the other major skill that I personally was able to work on. I really enjoyed the challenge of keeping the summer school ticking along by following the timetable, keeping the sessions to time, but also understanding that sometimes more time was needed on one specific part of the sessions to help students the best way possible. Not only this but working across all the ambassadors was a challenge at times as there were many of us – but it was enjoyable and fun to work!

Overall, I hope I’ve given you a little bit of an overview of why I think applying for this role is worthwhile and a great way to spend your summer. If you are interested in applying, the roles close Feb 23rd so not much longer to go! I personally would love to be able to take part in another summer school, and cannot recommend it enough to be able to not only develop more interpersonal and transferrable skills, but also to work closely with a group of students and see their development across the 3-4 days they’re with you – it’s incredible to see the work of the summer schools up close!

Here’s the link to apply:

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Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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