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Student Job Series: WWS part 2

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Follow-up to Student Job Series: WWS part 1 from Global Sustainable Development

So after you’ve hopefully read the first blog on how I chose/applied to the Welcome Service, I thought I would follow it up with some of the experiences I’ve had through the 10 months I’ve worked with them. So I don’t try to list them all, I’ve attempted to narrow it down to the top 3. Small disclaimer: there are so many more jobs that you’re able to work other than the types I’ve listed below, it is just that these are the ones that have really stuck in my mind the most!

1) Warwick class of 1966 50 years reunion

This event was a campus tour event that was hosted for the class of 1966’s reunion dinner here at Warwick. It started with us all waiting in Scarman building and slowly taking groups of old students around. I was one of the few who ended up with a smaller tour towards the end, but that worked out better for me. Being in a smaller group meant I was able to interact and talk to the visitors more, and therefore find out more about them. This job sticks out in my mind as being one of the most educational (but not boring) and enriching events – finding out what students 50 years before I arrived had on campus and in their student life was incredible. One defining moment was talking about the infrastructure change here at the university and all the new buildings and degrees – some couldn’t believe that Rootes accommodation was still standing, or that the fields of mud they had known around the Library were actually departmental buildings instead. It definitely ranks as one of my favourite jobs of all time so far.

2) June Open Days

For the June open days I was able to present in the Why Warwick? talks that took place throughout the day alongside university staff members. Improving public speaking is something that I had aimed to do at Warwick and completing the weekend like that made it feel like I’d achieved something throughout the year that wasn’t purely academic but completely transferable. Interacting with prospective students and their parents/guardians is great, especially when they ask your experiences and about your time here at Warwick. For someone who loves to talk (a lot!), it gave the perfect opportunity to share something that’s so important in my life with people who might end up feeling the same.

3) Pathways to Law summer school

One opportunity that I was also able to take through the Welcome Service was working on a summer school over a week in July. It was an opportunity that is optional and requires an additional application process, where successful candidates are allocated to one or two summer schools over the break working with students aged 15-18 on a variety of subjects and events. Pathways was a law focused school but it was still great fun to take part of. I was able to meet students from 11 other universities that take part in the program, and lead sessions with my team of students to help them understand what it would be like to follow law through as a career and help them with skills (such as debating) that would really help them in whatever they choose.

I have so many more opportunities I wish I could write about – WWS has honestly been one of the best jobs I could have hoped for here on campus, as well as being so flexible and enriching in so many ways. I’m sorry I couldn’t add any more into this post but there are so many more things I wish I could write about – a third post might have been too much! Please ask any questions below on other opportunities or any questions you might have about the work, and I’ll be more than happy to write about them. Whether it be campus tours, outreach in schools, or a job you didn’t think even applied to WWS, there’s always something going on with a great team of ambassadors who are always friendly and great to work with – and I just wish i could have started sooner!

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith
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    HI there, this sounds like a very interesting schedule with a myriad of lifetime experiences to go with it. I however wanted to find out if this is a paid job and how much does it pay?


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