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Student Job Series: WWS part 1

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Hey everyone!

So from the title of this blog, as you can see, I’m going to be writing about student jobs here on campus. Format undecided, I thought I would ask a few different people their experiences in their student jobs, so you can see what there is available to fit around your study here. I thought today that I would start with one of the jobs that I’m most familiar with – the Warwick Welcome Service, or student ambassadors. The blog about the service has been split into two parts because of the length I could write about it – the application process and why I chose to be an ambassador, and some of the things I’ve really enjoyed/been able to take part in through it all.

There is definitely some overlap between the roles as a student ambassador as they are as varied as possible. To give a quick overview of how I chose to apply, and some of the processes of becoming an ambassador, I decided I wanted to apply for a WWS role as soon as I joined the university, as I realised it was a role that fit with what I enjoyed doing – talking about Warwick and helping people out. Having spoken to a few people that I had met at society events that worked with WWS, it quickly became apparent that it was something that was worthwhile too.

The application had opened at the start of my first term (as it is now), closing just before the end of the month. Sending in the application seemed to go well – the section to fill in details was followed by a short paragraph sections asking why you wanted to take part and what made you a good fit for this role. Waiting for a decision was a very nerve-wracking process but it soon came through that I had managed to go through to the selection event. Held on an afternoon in November, it was great to be able to meet some current ambassadors and also applicants – it even ended up being that the people I was sat with during the selection were also those I trained with and have worked multiple jobs with.

After the selection event it was a short while again until the decision was released on who would be a part of the new group of ambassadors. This then required a training session on a Saturday in early December, covering both the campus tours and ambassador side of the job along with the part working with children and covering child protection – it’s worth noting that a lot of jobs you undertake with the WWS require a DBS check which you obtain when you are selected for the service.

Once going through the training and receiving the famous bright yellow shirts, it was possible for us to begin applying for jobs. I decided to take advantage of the winter holiday and work a tour over December. I was very nervous to be doing one on my own for the first time but it went well and ended up being a lovely start to what’s so far been a great set of events I’ve worked on!

I hope that gave a little bit of an insight into the application and selection process for the Welcome Service – applications are open until 23rd October so get applying if you’re at Warwick now – or think if it’s something you would be up for doing in the future. If you’re here to visit Warwick any time soon on an Admissions event, come and talk to the student ambassadors as we love sharing our experiences.

Keep an eye out for the blog after this, to get a little idea of the sort of experiences that are available through WWS!

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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