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Student Job Series: Warwick Conferences

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Follow-up to Student Job Series: WWS part 2 from Global Sustainable Development

Easter break has started, campus has no students, but it isn’t as quiet as one would expect throughout the holiday. Easter is one of two conference seasons that take place, hosting various companies/organizations/events throughout the 5 weeks that students aren’t around – the other being summer. I started working with Conferences in September last year, and can say that it is one of the most varied jobs I could think of having as a student!

After replying to a search for more conference assistants in September, I started working as a luggage assistant but soon moved on to more general conference proceedings. This can be anything from setting rooms, monitoring conference sessions, to engaging with clients and companies as they host their events. Working in a role that is centred around a client is something that I didn’t have as much experience in, but found that the work has helped my professional development in so many ways.

Warwick Conferences employs through Unitemps, which is a useful tool for searching for on campus jobs to suit your personal wants and needs. These can vary from one day jobs through to more permanent arrangements and has been very helpful from the start of the search through to employment.

Roles at conferences vary from foyer services, to conference assistants (CAs) and tech CAs, through to food and beverage assistants – most of these are often just during the conference seasons which makes studying and student life much easier than working throughout the whole of term – if that’s what you would prefer to do. Working hours that could mirror a full-time job has also given a taste of what life could be like after graduation too – whilst I love working with the WWS, there are few full day jobs that occur, so Conferences provides the perfect mix to complement that.

I’ve found that I have gained so many transferable skills including a higher level of communication and detail orientation, as well as learnt more in areas that I was originally not very confident in. This has included tech/audio-visual equipment and catering practices and services. Working in an environment that changes with each event that is put on does test your adaptability and your limits in ways, which have meant that I have found myself to be more flexible and hardworking in university life as well as work.

To conclude the second part of the "Student Job" series, I have really enjoyed the time that I’ve spent at Warwick Conferences so far. The fast-paced change and development of so many different skills has meant that I’ve been able to work on improving myself in terms of employability and education. If you are looking for work that takes place at Warwick during holidays, I couldn’t recommend looking at Unitemps and Conferences enough!

Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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