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Student discounts that every student should know about:

Hi everyone,

There is nothing more exciting than having access to discounts! I have compiled a list of discounts that I know about which may be useful to you too; whether you are at university or will be joining.

Eating at Warwick

 This one is a Warwick specific one. The “Eating at Warwick” scheme allows you to pay for food all around campus AND receive a 10% discount for paying with your student card! You can also use the card at the campus grocery store and the book shop but this will not give you the discount. This is so handy because it means that you only need to carry your student discount around campus and don’t need to worry about having cash or your debit/credit cards.

Your card can be topped up via the following website:

You can also give your parents (or anybody for the matter…) your student ID number and they will also be able to top up your card for you.*

*This came in handy for me when my debit card got blocked mid first year, and I was left without money to buy any food.

Student beans:

 Once you confirm that you are a student on the student beans platform you will have access to discounts from both local and global brands. It is always worth checking whether student beans offer a discount before making purchases since the savings can become pretty vast. Unidays is another platform similar to this which I will now discuss:


Unidays is an essential for student discounts. They have a vast variety of brands that they work with, so it is worth checking every now and then to see if they have anything new. Additionally, often retail stores which offer student discounts will accept your UNIDAYS account to verify your student discount, which is perfect because you can just download the app and don’t need to worry about carrying your card (plus it is free!!)

Student railcard:

 This is available for any 16-25 year old rather than being limited to students. I didn’t purchase it during my first or second year as I didn’t visit home often enough to make it worth it, but I did buy it this year. I have already saved money through the railcard and would recommend to any student who is going to take the train even once or twice!

Another bonus if you live in London is that you can link your railcard to your oyster card and save money travelling on London transport during certain times of the day.

Happy savings!!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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