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Student Blogger, Digital Skills Mentor and the WSPA

Student BloggerI started blogging in January 2017. I’d never written a blog before, so I was slightly apprehensive as to what was involved. I wondered – would I have enough to write about? Would people find my blogs informative/interesting? Would anyone read my blogs? Well, nearly two years later, I’m sitting here writing my 17th blog, and I’m still enjoying it. I always seem to find a topic to write about, I know that people have read my blogs, and I hope that the readers find my blogs informative/interesting. Also, blogging has really helped me with my writing, in terms of just getting on with it. As a student, one of my main struggles is writing my assignments. A lot of the time, I have the information in my head, but I struggle to get it onto the page. Blogging has really helped me with this. I have also found that I can write a blog much quicker than I could when I first started. So, to anyone thinking about becoming a student blogger, I would say ‘go for it’. You’ve got nothing to lose, and you might find that you really enjoy it! 

Digital Skills Mentor (DSM) Since starting in my 2nd year, I have taken on a new role as a CLL Student Digital Skills Mentor. This role involves helping CLL students with all aspects of technology, including basic computer skills, internet searches, using Office365, and so on. CLL students can request one-to-one support by emailing Jim Judges, or through contacting the DSMs direct. Also, there are drop-in sessions at the Westwood Café IT room, from 12-2pm, on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. For further information, please click on the following link:

Also, a small number of DSMs have been providing support at libraries in the local community. I’m providing support at the Tile Hill library tomorrow, as cover, and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s such a great way to give something back to the local area.

Warwick Skills Profile Award Last year, I attended a few workshops in my first term, then I heard about the Warwick Skills Profile Award or WSPA (is it’s also known). By the time I found out about it, I had already completed the workshops, so it was too late for me to apply. So, this year, I decided to enrol on the WSPA. The WSPA helps you to develop valuable skills, which are useful to you in your personal life, your student life and your working life. Plus, it looks good on your CV! If you are anything like me, you attend a workshop, make lots of notes, then file them away never to be seen again. With the WSPA – you attend 3 workshops, you reflect on each workshop and you set yourself action points, after each workshop, such as – what you would like to do differently since attending the workshop. Then, you work towards each of your action points, reflecting on your progress. And, finally, you write a reflective piece about your overall learning and achievements. So far, I have completed two workshops for the WSPA, and I will complete a further workshop in term 2. I have found the WSPA useful, as it has allowed me to reflect on my learning. I feel that I have gained a lot more form the workshops that I have included in the WSPA. For more information on the WSPA, click on the following link:

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