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Student Accommodation Kitchen Essentials

This time two years ago I was preparing to start university and was eagerly making lists of all the things I would need to buy for when I moved into student accommodation.

I’m also turning 21 in September, and it seems I have reached the point in life where I want household appliances as gifts, namely a rice cooker, a blender to make smoothies and a set of fancy kitchen knives. While these things are not the essentials needed for moving into university, it has made me realise that buying your first set of kitchen equipment is a key step on the way to adulthood. 

Note that this list isn’t comprehensive, and is just the stuff I decided to buy.

My accommodation also came with a kettle, microwave and toaster so I didn’t need to but any appliances.

Cutlery – forks, knives, spoons. These often come in family sets for four people. You could choose to share a set with another person in your flat potentially. Some shops will sell each piece of cutlery individually too. However having more than one of each item is useful in case you have guests round for dinner.  

Plates & bowls – I had two big plates, two small plates, a pasta bowl and a small cereal bowl.

Chopping board & knives – I’ve gotten by with just one knife, which is probably an affront to professional chefs, but it is possible. If you know how to cook well, then you likely know better than me about which cooking knives are the best.

Cooking utensils – spatula, wooden spoon, ladle, can opener, peeler, potato masher, etc.

Pot – a cooking pot with a lid. I would also recommend getting a steamer if you like to cook your food that way.

Frying pan – I made the mistake of buying the biggest frying pan that the store had. It was insanely heavy and I couldn’t even hold it up when I was cooking food with it. This thing was definitely designed for professional chefs or something like that. It was also too big for a normal sized oven, and stuck out over all three other spots on the hob. I gave up and bought a smaller, lightweight one.

Colander – for draining water from pasta, potatoes, etc. My advice would be to choose a plastic one over a metal one because the plastic one is easier to dry. Or, get a pot with a couple of holes in the side of the lid that work as a colander. I bought one by accident (thinking it was just a normal cooking pot) and it is revolutionary. Mainly because it reduces the amount of washing up I have to do.

Baking tray – for when you wanna cook up some frozen chips. If you’re into roast dinners, a deeper tray is also a good investment.

Measuring jug – useful for mixing gravy, stock cubes, etc.

Pyrex dish – good for pasta bakes

Grater – for cheese (and occasionally carrots)! I bought one from Asda and I really love it because the grater is built into the lid of a pot.

Tupperware – an essential! They are great for storing extra portions in the fridge or freezer. You can never have too many.

Baking supplies – If you’re into baking, you may want to bring things like a whisk, large bowl and cupcake trays, etc.  

Other kitchen supplies which are useful: tinfoil, cling-film, kitchen roll, freezer bags, oven gloves, tea towels, mugs, water bottles.  

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