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Stuck in Crimbo Limbo? Here’s how to use your holidays effectively

As the end of term is drawing near, I know nearly everyone is looking forward to the holidays, going home to see their families/pets/friends and eating as much food as possible before the start of term two. During this relaxing and festive time, the last thing people want to be thinking about is work or studying, however using your holiday productively can save you a lot of stress and give you a head start on work for the next term. Here, I’ll share some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your upcoming holiday.

At the start of the holidays while things are still fresh in your mind, I recommend that you go over your notes from the previous term and maybe do a quick recap of everything you’ve learned. While you don’t have to completely re-write all of your lecture notes, going over what you’ve done previously will help to solidify the knowledge in your mind in preparation for the next term and will also be useful when it comes to revising for exams. Furthermore, going over your notes will also allow you to see if there are any bits of information you missed or need to catch up on over the holidays. Doing this towards the beginning of the holiday is usually better since you will still be in “work mode” just after term finishes and it will save you from having to rush everything at the end of the holidays. If you need some extra cash, working over the holidays can be useful for some people, however, don’t take on too many hours and ensure that you have enough time for any academic work and to socialise and relax during your break.

If you have deadlines at the start of term two then the holidays give you a great opportunity to start working on any upcoming essays and coursework. Since you won’t be attending lectures every day, you will have more time free to focus solely on writing essays or other work that needs doing. However, some people can find working at home harder than working at university since there are more distractions, so if you really need to focus on something and your house gets busy over the holiday period, perhaps consider visiting your local library for a quieter place to work and focus. If you have exams in January after the holidays, now is a good time to begin your revision to give yourself the best chance at success. Even if you don’t have deadlines or exams at the start of term two, it might be useful to begin any required or secondary reading you have for the start of term so you can keep on top of your work without letting it overwhelm you.

While being productive during the holidays is very useful, it’s also important to remember to take a break from work and use the holidays to rest, relax and unwind after a busy term. Make time to see your friends or family and do some fun and festive activities and enjoy being at home. While working continuously throughout the holidays may sound useful theoretically, it is not practical and may do more harm than good. If you’re constantly worrying about work during the holidays, you won’t get to fully enjoy your time off and away from university. It is important to give your mind and body the chance to recover after a busy and potentially stressful term so you can return to university feeling refreshed and ready to learn. Working too hard without taking any time off will mean that you don’t get a chance to rest and will return to university tired and exhausted even before term starts. Taking care of yourself physically, as well at mentally, is just as important as academic work.


I hope everyone’s enjoyed this term at Warwick and I hope you all have a fun and relaxing holiday!

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