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Stress is usually caused by feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work that is to be done which we feel impossible to complete. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing to have, after all, it is part of a body’s mechanism to deal with danger and motivates us to reach our deadline. Although it has its benefits, long-term stress can cause serious health problems. The body changes physically when faced with stress. Some physical signs of stress include increased heart-rate, tense muscles and heightened sense of alertness which makes it harder to fall asleep when stressed. Needless to say, not sleeping would result in serious health problems (etc. increase risk of accidents due to inability to focus).

There are signs of stress you can find in yourself or your friends:

⁃ Headaches

⁃ Changes in appetite

⁃ Insomnia

⁃ chronic illnesses (etc. frequent stomach pains)

No one can avoid being stresses out, especially during the exam season, however, we can learn to cope with it.

One way to deal with stress is by exercising. Exercising does not just benefit the body, it is also scientifically proven to help people with their memory and to make people happy. If you do not frequently exercise, you can try to start off with a 20-minutes jog or walk between studying. Other ways fun ways to exercise is to do sports such as badminton, swimming or basketball.

Another way to deal with it is to learn to plan a realistic to-do list and let go of what you cannot finish. For instance, if it is something that requires one week to finish, never try to convince yourself that you can finish it in three days under the pretense of “If I try really hard I can do this”. Planning something unrealistic would just end up making you more stress. Let go of what you cannot finish and do your best.

Take a break when you need to. It is scientifically proven that a human brain loses concentration after long periods of studying (it is also easily to lose concentration due to stress). If you find yourself unable to take in any information after a period of time, stop and take a short break and connect with the people around you.

Lastly, if you think you are overly stressed, then seek out the professionals to help you.

Click on this link for further information:

There is nothing embarrassing about asking for help and if it really bothers you, you can choose to remain anonymous. I am sure different people have different ways to cope with stress and these are just some methods which I find useful personally. Anyways, good luck and remember to smile!

Pei Lim | Science and Engineering Contact Pei

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