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Stress Free Term Three?

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

While everyone can start breathing a sigh of relief that Easter break is almost upon us, it is baffling to realise how quickly term two has flown by. While many of us will be getting the much needed R&R downtime to recover from the chaos of deadlines and meetings, it doesn’t change the fact that third term is rapidly approaching. Third term is the epitome of pressure at its peak, where even during the first week back everyone is scrambling to revise over lecture captures, practice papers, and external readings all whilst balancing their mental sanity at the same time. This is say based on my own personal experiences of surviving the third term of my first year (even though I am pretty sure it will be a completely different surprise awaiting me as a ‘supposed’ older and wiser second year).

Finding a decent study space and navigating your away around the mass of bustling students who camp out in the library for hours is unavoidable. In order to increase you time management and be able to study effectively, creating a study timetable is something I found to work in my favour. There are different online schedule makers that can be used for this purpose and I have found that it really helps me prioritise the modules which I need to revise for more, as I have the tendency of jumping around different modules and my quality of revision isn’t maximised.Check this website out for easy formatting and color coded guides:

Do your readings. While there is so much information the can possibly be crammed into your brain without feeling like your mental capacity has reached a point of over saturation, sometimes making the effort to explore further readings along with the reading assigned in classes helps synthesise the information in a more cohesive way, rather than in the very structured and monotonous format presented in lectures.

Revise with friends. Different people tend to prefer revising in different ways; whether that be sitting down and re-writing notes or studying with friends, sometimes mixing up revision methods helps further integrate the information so that studying actually becomes more engaging.

Stay healthy. While it is easier said than done, personal well-being is a core factor of being able to perform well academically, make sure you get enough sleep and are eating fresh and whole foods. Taking vitamin supplements may also give a boost of extra benefits to make sure your immune system is functioning properly, especially in times when stress levels begin to fluctuate

Overall the main thing to consider for term three is to make sure to be strategic about revision and take care of yourself in the process. Happy studying and goodluck with upcoming exams and deadlines!

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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