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Storage solutions for the summer!

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I had my first exam yesterday and literally had no sleep the night before it so I went to sleep yesterday afternoon and woke up just now (oops). Well, at least I made up my sleep for two nights, right (if I can really afford to do that is a different thing altogether lol).

First year is coming to an end!!! It seems like it was only yesterday when I was partying at Freshers week!

Anyway, let’s get down to the post. It is time to start thinking about where to store all your stuff for the summer, when you’re back home. If you’re an international student, you definitely need to find a place, because its not possible to store any of your luggage, furniture and whatever else you have, in your room since the contract, for most accommodations terminate in July if I am not wrong.

So, what are the options???

There are a couple of affordable storage companies out there which must be bombarding you with flyers, shoving them under your door (if they have not you are lucky, trust me).

1. One of my friends, who studied her A Levels at a UK college in Cambridge, stored her stuff during the summer with Lovespace ( It is a pretty reliable company which gives you boxes to store your stuff and then after you pack them, they help you collect it and store it in their “temperature controlled facilities”, charging you a minimal price per month. After you’re back from your break in the summer, they deliver your stuff to your new house, helping you settle in. Since their services are offered nationwide and not just limited to Coventry and Leamington Spa, it is possible to even ask them to come somewhere else, if need be.

2. There are plenty of other companies too which offer similar services, but what, I’d recommend is to go with companies you’ve heard of from others, or read reviews of. Some of my seniors recommended Storage4students ( which offers a price of £35 per box and £40 per suitcase, inclusive of a FREE supply of LARGE boxes, tape and bubble wrap, which is pretty affordable I’d say, for the whole duration of the summer.

3. There are other storage rooms for hire too where you could put your stuff over the summer. The room sizes vary, so the best thing to do is to share the cost among some of your friends/housemates/flatmates. The one I have heard of is Access Self Storage in Coventry, ( where you get 50% off your first four weeks. If you’re storing in a room with three others, which can hold up to 45 boxes for about three months, it would cost approximately 60 pounds per person. The only thing with most of these companies is that you’ll need to find local removal companies to take your stuff to the self storage locations and then back to your house in September, which would thereby become an added cost.

4. Another option is to store your stuff at another friend’s/family’s apartment nearby. If you know any second/third/fourth year well enough who has space in his/her apartment, you could just store it there, maybe?

Hope this was helpful, or if not, at least got you to think about storage. I just want to emphasize that there is no hurry and you shouldn’t worry about this right now!!! Wait until your exams get over!

Now I better get down to studying accounting, for which I have my exam in two days.

Best of luck for your exams (Warwick/A levels/IB/any other international board) and hope you have a wonderful day.

Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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