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Still the Easter Holidays

You know when it’s approaching the chaotic time of the year at uni when you walk into the library on a Saturday morning at 10am and it’s already got a buzz about it and you have to queue for your cuppa! Now the rest of the year this isn’t normal. This time on a Saturday morning is when I get the most done, it’s generally quiet and it’s free to park at the uni on a weekend. Term hasn’t started back yet, and it feels like ages since I saw any of my uni friends and we still have another week till we are back.

This Easter break has definitely been needed. Not having to concentrate on core reading for seminars and / or attending lectures has meant that I’ve been able to crack on with my essays. I’m pretty much organised when it comes to this, but I still feel under pressure to get everything done on time. Not long to go now and the year is over. CLL students have just been given details of what modules they could take next year, so many decisions. I really can’t decide, however there is a module talk day coming up soon so I’m going to attend that to help me decide what modules sound best for me.

Today Faith is spending the day with daddy and because I feel guilty about not spending enough time with her, yesterday I booked for us to go to the theatre to see Pongo’s Party at the Belgrade Theatre in June, she is so excited about this already. It’s her first trip to the theatre.

For today that is all I have to say, I need to get on with some reading for my research proposal.

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