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Staying Sane at University

University is an overwhelming place, for many reasons. It can cause stress, worries, illness and a variety of concerns, so sometimes you may just need someone to talk to in order to enjoy your Uni experience. Since I study Psychology, mental health and wellbeing has always been an interest of mine and I didn’t really realise it’s importance until I recently had the opportunity to speak to a member of the Student Support team. It made me realise how there are numerous portals of help for Warwick students, but many might not know about them! I’m going to use this post as a way to break down and summarise the available options for students, although hopefully I’ll be able to give you all added info about wellbeing in future posts!

I picked up this booklet from Student Support located in University House – you should definitely pick one up if you’re ever curious as to what help is available to you.


If you would like to speak to someone personally about an issue you have and want to know what the best source of help is for you, Student Support can answer this question for you.

In terms of one to one advice and help, the best sources of help are –

1. Personal Tutor

2. Univeristy Senior Tutor

3. Residential Life Team

You can speak to these people about any financial, academic, revision and general university worries!

The Counselling Service is also great if you would like one to one advice, via email or if you’d like to attend workshops that cover certain areas regarding university worries. In addition to this is the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team, where you are able to speak to someone personally via a booked appointment or if you’d rather have a quick chat about something that’s playing on your mind, there are drop-in sessions which you may find more relaxed.

If you’d like to browse through some tips and guidance in your own environment, the Student Support team have also listed some useful apps that cover a range of topics which you can access during your own leisure.

I hope this post has been helpful and provided the first insight into support for those who may need it. Do remember that there is no problem with needing help and support at University, even if it’s having a quick sit down talk with someone to release all the things on your mind. You’ll be surprised by how many other students feel the exact same as you do, so remember that you’re not alone!


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