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Staying motivated (counting down to freedom)

Pei Lim
Pei Lim | Science and Engineering Contact Pei

It’s hard to believe that the final term is almost over and examinations have already started. Although it may be hard to stay motivated to study (is anyone ever excited when it comes to studying?) but here are some steps I have compiled from online articles which you can follow to ensure that you stay motivated throughout the revision period. Hopefully this article helps!

Having a during this period is important. I have emphasized how having a study plan helps to reduce stress from examinations in my previous post but having a plan has another benefit – it helps to keep you motivated knowing that there are things to be done to score well for your examinations.

Another method would be to . Studying somewhere noisy is bound to get you distracted. A good suggestion is to go to the library to study, though you have to go early to get the good seats by the windows. Going to the library to study have a few benefits. Firstly, positive peer pressure that comes from seeing other people around studying hard. Secondly, it is scientifically proven that a quiet place allows you to concentrate better.

Some tips for studying in the library. Always remember to bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and some snacks if you are going to study for a long period of time. (tip: you could also reward yourself with snacks once you have accomplished a task in your to-do list) Things which you may or may not need is laptop charger just in case your laptop runs out of battery and headphones/earphones if study better with some music (I recommend listening to instrumental so you would not get distracted by the lyrics of the songs).

Find a to keep you motivated. By planning to study with a friend, you would feel much more motivated to go to the library (since you don’t want to disappoint your friend) and forces you to wake up early to study. Having a study buddy means that you can always ask your friend for help when you are stuck and provide you with positive moral support when you need it. Also, remember to ask for help when you need it (etc. an appointment with teachers; asking your friends). Clarify your doubts before your exams!

Lastly, and take breaks when you need to! If it helps, you could think about a certain goal you want to reach (etc. target score for each test) and the fun things you could enjoy after the examinations if you endure this suffering just a more.

Pei Lim
Pei Lim | Science and Engineering Contact Pei

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