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Staying Healthy During Term Three

Isabel Quah
Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

Term three is one of the busiest times of the academic year and it is very common to fall ill with the amount of people you are constantly in close contact with on a daily basis; the irregular sleeping patterns, where one night you sleep a a minimum range of 2 hours to none at all, or on another night you sleep half the day away. This on top of the exam stress and potentially unhealthy dietary choices you’ve been making (dare I remind you of that whole box of dominoes pizza and chicken wings you guzzled down the other night?), all in all this is a recipe for a beat down immune system.

Carrying hand sanitiser or a spray dispenser of alcohol comes more in handy than you may think. The amount bacteria and germs in general that are on every waking surface within public premises. having a handy portable spray allows can be multifunctional- use it to spray doorknobs, toilet seats and even disinfect your hands of there is no available washroom around. Sometimes the most basic of steps can have the biggest impact, and remember prevention is always better than cure.

Regular activity and a balanced diet is always of course a commonly mentioned in every heath related advice, but it is for a good reason. Getting a minimum of 30 minutes a day of exercise can do not just the body but the mind good. The endorphins released after a good workout helps refresh the brain and relieve stress which in longterm. While a common fact being a uni student entails ready made food, instant noodles and take away this not only isn’t just detrimental to your bank account, but your overall health as well. The extra amount of sodium and preservatives some of these food contain can not only make you feel extra lethargic, and bloated, but it also does not provide you with enough nutritional value to fuel your body while you study. Vitamin D which is mainly obtained through sunlight exposure is rare here especially with the mostly cloudy British weather. Luckily vitamin D, as well as other supplements can easily be purchased over the counter at the local Boots or Holland & Barrett located in Cannon Park.

Getting enough sleep is another thing that I can admit I am guilty of not adhering to, but after endless nights out and early mornings, your body needs time to recuperate. while squeezing in any precious revision time is sacred (especially with the library now being open 24/7), all nighters are not ideal especially around exam time. Your brain needs enough sleep to function properly and falling asleep mid exam would definitely be a wasted effort with all the all-nighters you pulled before hand revising for that very exam. Try and shoot for at least 7 hours of sleep, and this can be achieved by sleeping slightly earlier and in effect waking up earlier to make the most of your day.

Indeed exam season is one of the most stressful times of the year, but just remember everyone is in the same boat and studying just as hard but make sure you’re looking out for yourself as well! Good luck to everyone during this exam season!

Isabel Quah
Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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