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Staying at Warwick after the end of term

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

So as I said before, December 11th rolled around very quickly and the end of my first term was here. Over the weekend, all of my flatmates gradually left, dragging all of their luggage behind them… until I was the only one left.

I am home now, and have been since the 19th, but I chose to stay at Warwick a week longer than term, much to the shock of all of my friends. "But WHY aren’t you going home yet?????" Even the two international students in my flat thought I was crazy, jetting off home halfway across the world as soon as they could. But I chose to stay.

I made the decision that instead of lugging all of my work home with me, I would stay just a few extra days (1 week really isn’t that long after all) in order to power through some of it. That way, when I did go home I would be able to relax properly and not worry about the work I hadn’t done.

There were both good and bad points to staying on campus an extra week. It was super weird at times as my block was just so EMPTY. I hadn’t realised how much I’d got used to the constant background noise of living in halls until it wasn’t there anymore. It was a little bit lonely, but there were still a few people hanging around here and there (great opportunity to make new friends). On the other hand, the whole place being empty was great. I could play my music louder than normal (no one else to worry about), I had the entire kitchen to myself, and the library – oh the library!! On a normal day you have to sneak into the library pretty early if you want a choice of computer/workspace, or if you’re going later just hope that you’re lucky. But with so many people having left for home, there was space galore!

Although everyone thought I was a bit mad, in the end it was a good decision. I got a lot of work done – more than I would have managed at home with all the distractions which come from being back with your family – and there were definitely a few perks which resulted from having so much more space and freedom around campus. And now I’m back at home with my family celebrating Christmas and it feels like I never even left at all!

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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