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Starting Warwick

Lucy McCormick
- History- History Society- Anything!
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If you’re joining Warwick in September: a) congratulations! b) get excited!

Starting university can feel pretty uncertain — who will I be living with? Will the work be difficult? What will it be like being away from home? Will I enjoy it? — added to the uncertainty of the current global situation. So, if you are feeling apprehensive or nervous or a little unsure, you are definitely not alone! Everyone will be feeling the same (even if they don’t show it). Hopefully, though, there will be some excitement mixed in with those nerves.

Uni is a big step, but there is so much to look forward to. Whether you’re counting down the days until Welcome Week, or you’re ready to study your favourite subject full-time, or just looking forward to meeting lots of new people, starting uni can be really exciting. Beyond that, there are so many highlights of my uni experience so far that I never would have thought about two years ago; I had no idea how important societies would be to uni life at Warwick and that I would get to be on an exec for my favourite one, or that I would go on an international tour, or that I would take part in some plays. There is so much to embrace at Warwick, so keep your eyes open for all the exciting opportunities and make the most of them!

Preparing for uni, I spoke to as many people as I could. I asked them what they wished they had known, if they had any tips for meeting people, what they especially enjoyed or disliked, and generally tried to get a realistic sense of what I was in for. I would really recommend reaching out to people (if not a friend or family member, maybe someone from your school who is at the uni now, or use the Ask a Blogger feature on OurWarwick) because they’re usually happy to impart their wisdom. Ask them about the more negative points, too; students can often present a highlights reel of uni life (especially during the excitement of Welcome Week), but of course there are lowlights. I realised that we were all having times in which we felt homesick, or stressed, or lonely, but surrounding myself with supportive people and talking about it made us all feel much better.

I felt that I was eased into student life quite gently at Warwick, which definitely helped me to adjust. Welcome Week gave me loads of opportunities to meet people on my course, in my halls, and with similar interests. I had the chance to familiarise myself with the structure of the term and year ahead, and took the time to work out what I needed to do to keep myself organised and have time for the things I enjoyed. It’s definitely a lot of trial and error, so I would really recommend using this time to find out the routines and habits that make you feel your best, and speak to other people about how they’re adjusting. You will be surprised to see how many people are feeling the exact same way!

Finally, it’s really important that you make the most of your support systems. Speak with family and friends at home regularly, chat with your new housemates and coursemates, or find the support available to you through the university and SU. It’s a big change, so take it at your own pace.

Starting uni is a very mixed bag of emotions, but I’m sure you’ll settle in much quicker than you expect and enjoy the process!

Lucy McCormick
- History- History Society- Anything!
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