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Starting Second Year

And … Breathe.


For some reason I feel like Welcome Week as a second year has been more stressful than when I was a fresher. I’ve enjoyed it of course, there just seems to have been a bit more to do than last year.


I think the first difference is that I moved in on my own this year. One of the perks of off-campus accommodation is that there’s free parking (at least where I am there is). This means that I have my car with me this year (yay!) but also that my parents didn’t need to come up with me and weren’t really in a position to either (not forgetting the logistical issues of how they would get back home). I was also the first of my housemates to arrive so I walked into a deserted house which was a very weird feeling for me. I like this independence, it just still feels a little odd to be fending for myself.


The next big difference is that there’s lots more we need to take care of compared to last year. Sorting out energy bills, getting WiFi set up in the house, doing the bins etc. Etc. Etc. When you really think about it, being an adult comes with a lot of responsibility and little jobs that need doing and, they all seem to occur at the same time. Whoever thought adult-ing was a good idea?


But I think the biggest difference this year is that I already have commitments such as Guide and Scout meetings, helping the Freshers and writing this blog to name a few. Last year was a clean slate. I knew that I wanted to be a leader with a Guide unit but hadn’t got that sorted yet. Everything else was up to me if I wanted to do it or not; no prior commitments.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my new house, my new housemates and all the commitments I have at the moment. But, I just need these few days to get my head on straight, sort out my life and relax, ready to start the new year on Monday.


Starting second year (and probably later years as well), it feels like we’re not supposed to struggle. We had last year to become independent, learn how to fend for ourselves and become comfortable at University, what’s so different this year? But, struggling now and then is ok. So is taking a week or two to get settled. Yes, we’re back at Uni and did most of this last year but… We had a 3 month break and there are loads of new challenges that didn’t happen last year.


The first few weeks of the Uni year are always going to be tricky. The important thing is to breathe and tackle each task as it comes.

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