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Starting a Blog

Hello everyone, this week’s blog might seem a little off the University topic. But in my Science Communication module we have 5 blog posts to write, which has inspired me to give out a little advice on where to even start. I have been blogging for the University for a little over a year now and I am getting better at it (but I’m by no means perfect). Here are a few things I have picked up along the way:

I think it really shows in a blog if the author is writing about something they know lots about and a topic they find interesting. My blog on here usually focuses on my life at Warwick, advice for current students and advice for prospective students. I find it so easy to come up with topics because I love it here! It’s also advice I wish I’d known throughout my University experience. So, if you’re given a topic, don’t just write about the first thing that pops into your head. Research a little or I like to create a list of ideas and then choose from that!

Plan, plan and plan some more. Whenever I go to write a blog the first thing I do is produce a general list of the advice I want to give. Then I sometimes will ask friends the question "what do you wish you’d known before ___?" to really help build a comprehensive list, that’s more useful to an everyday student. I usually make notes before I start writing (especially if I’m including facts) and these ideas form the framework for the main body.

Be emotive and personal. You connect a lot more to a blog if the person writing it shares their personal stories. I also think including a personal story helps the author to connect to the blog itself. When there is personal investment from both sides, the reader tends to trust the advice given a lot more. Also, be emotional in your language, if your blog remains quite monotonous it can become disinteresting remarkably fast!

Elements to consider. Always think about who your audience are so, you can decide the best language to use i.e. how colloquial you can be. Also, always revisit blogs and edit them because after practice you often find your writing is better.

My weirdest advice is to listen to Attenborough but really pay attention to how he describes animals and how he gains that emotional connection. If you need even more inspiration then there are lots of other student’s blogs to check out and a search will reveal a vast array of professional blogs too. Good luck blogging!

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