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Standing for Society Elections

Hi there people!

Last post, I mentioned I was standing for the Engineering Society exec for next year. Well, the election turned out to be uncontested, so I’m now officially the Outreach Officer for the 2017/18 year! I’m really pleased to have such a major role for next year, and look forward to putting what I’ve picked up in my two years in the team into practice. It’s still kinda scary though…

Every one of the hundreds of societies at Warwick is run by an exec, elected from members of the society. Most of these elections happen around the end of Term 2, which means first year students have plenty of time to set themselves up for exec. Whilst roles such as club President usually go to more experienced members, most societies have loads of roles up for grabs, from Treasurer to Social Sec. If you’ve gotten involved in your first year and want to do more, standing for exec is a great way to do just that. Even if you don’t get in, standing can be a great experience – last year, I unsuccessfully ran to be the Internal Campaigns Officer of Warwick Labour. In doing so, I was able to introduce myself to many members of the society I didn’t know well at the time, many of whom I’m now really good friends with. I was also able to draw on the experience when I nominated myself for exec positions this year! (Hint: telling a room full of Politics/History students that the exec has too many Politics/History students goes down like a lead balloon…)

The problem with the timings of exec elections is that it comes at a time when there’s a lot of work due in. In the next fortnight, I have deadlines for my Forensic Engineering group project and three lab reports (although two of them are only online submissions), two offer-holder days to help out on (if you’re coming, say hi!), and a couple of nights out to top it all off, all on top of the usual lectures and labs! It’s quite stressful, and I’m quite looking forward to kicking back and relaxing a bit over Easter. On the plus side, being able to manage a busy schedule is a great skill for the future, especially if you can spin, ‘Finishing the assignment half an hour before the deadline because you went out last night,’ into, ‘Good scheduling ability,’ in an interview!

Speaking of work, though, I should really get back to some… Until next time!

Nathan L

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