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Sprint – Women Development Programme

Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane
As I’ve been back at Warwick for a week now, I thought I’d write about what I’ve been up to recently. On tuesday, thursday and friday, I attended a programme run by the career centre at Warwick for female undergraduates. The main objectives of this 4-day course ( the last day will be in December) are helping female students build their self-confidence, further develop their interpersonal skills and most importantly, learn more about themselves. Initially when I signed up for this course (recommended by my tutor), I wasn’t expecting much from it honestly, I just thought it’d be one of those 3-hrs workshops (but 3 times longer) where you listen to presentations and have small talks about our course and maybe what we did over the weekend. Little did I know that I was gonna build lasting relationships from Day 1. Throughout the programme, we had workshops on meditation, figuring out our values, goals and how we could achieve them step-by-step, how we could be more assertive… For example, in one morning, we had a workshop on discovering our qualities and strengths. Often, the first thing that comes into our mind when approaching a new task/challenge is our ‘lacks’, our weaknesses. We put limits on ourselves, on what we can achieve. In this section, we wrote down our strengths and weaknesses. Then, we thought about if we were underdoing or overdoing some of our qualities that may restrict us from obtaining the best results and what kind of action we could take to avoid this to happen. In addition to these workshops, we had female speakers from companies such as Accenture and Tesla to give us lunch talks on their experience in a male-dominant environment- their positives and struggles and how they have overcome them. All in all, if I said my self-esteem has improved a looot after these three days and will be able to give presentations in public confidently, I’d be lying, but it’s definitely going somewhere. Sometimes, it’s not about making a significant change overnight but making multiple some steps that will lead you to your goal. I would definitely recommend this to all you female students out there who need some confidence boost and a little push. More details can be found on https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/skills/personal/sprint/. Good luck! Jane

Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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