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Sprint Undergraduate Program


Sprint is a 4-day workshop that facilitates the personal and professional development of female undergraduates. Recognising the gender pay gap and the underrepresentation of women in prominent positions, Sprint targets female undergraduates in order to prepare us with regards to assertiveness, resilience, problem solving and self-motivation. Within 3 days, we had heard first-hand from successful women in their fields about setbacks they had to overcome in their respective fields. I learnt from them, the importance of challenging myself, trying new things and pushing past my comfort zone.

It was highlighted throughout the program, that to be successful and feel fulfilled in the paths we wanted to follow, it was important to do a lot of self-reflection. Through open and honest conversation with the facilitators and each other, we were able to explore our passions, identify core values, learn how to streamline goals and how to care for our mental health. `I was extremely impressed by all the resources the team made available to us i.e. the workbook, books provided each day and TEDx talks listed. 

I would definitely encourage any and all female undergraduates interested in developing themselves in all aspects to take part in the Sprint program. The tools you gain and the friends you make are invaluable and it’s definitely one of the best opportunities for women on campus. 

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