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Spring Elections

What a busy week it is at Warwick. With most of my contact hours being called off for the strike, I’ve been busy helping some of my friends with their campaigns to be our next sabbatical officers. I’m sure you’ve seen all the posters around campus, and several groups joined me on Monday morning from 7:30 (yes, that freezing cold morning was a struggle) to tussle for space to showcase all the different candidates. Campus may have looked odd plastered in coloured cardboard when you woke up on Monday morning, but trust me, next week when they’ve all disappeared it will look even weirder.

While the posters are important to raise knowledge about a candidate, make sure you check out what they stand for too, rather than just who uses the prettiest colour. I also attended the hustings in the SU on Monday and Tuesday where the different candidates gave a speech about their policies and then answered questions from the floor. This I found really telling as some people had their ideas secured better in their minds, spoke better and also took on advice on what they maybe hadn’t thought of improving better than others. Although presentation isn’t everything, some one who can hold themselves under pressure would appear to have the edge on a campaign, and we want someone who can represent the university well. Videos of these can be found on the current officers Facebook pages, definitely check them out.

You might have been invited to like all sorts of pages from the candidates and if you’re like me, your timeline will be absolutely flooded with manifestos and slogans. While this can be daunting, make sure you have a read of each candidates’ plan for next year and try not to base it just off who your friends are promoting or voting for.

Candidates might well pop up at the front of some of your lectures (if they’re still on) and make sure you have a listen! They’ll rattle through their main points super quickly so pay attention, then you can doze off during your lecture (just joking lol).

You can find all the manifestos here:


And most importantly, make sure you VOTE! Voting opened today so make sure you’ve cast your vote by Friday to have a say in your next sabbatical team. Read the manifestos, look out for people campaigning on campus, and most importantly, vote!

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