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Spring Break and the True Meaning of Home

Elena Sandu
Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

Many of you do not know me, therefore, do not know that I used to be quite a wanderluster (still am, though). I always wanted for high school to finish, so I could move abroad, be on my own, explore the world, study at an international University, preparing myself for the real world and my future career. I was always that kind of stubborn girl with infinite dreams, hopes and goals, who would do anything to push herself and her boundaries so she could succeed. Yes, that is a short description of my old self, and now the question is: why old? After two terms and almost two breaks(still enjoying the very full, yet great rest back at home in Romania) I realised how much your first home must be cherished while you still live there full time, how important family is and how many things they are willing to do for you, how your heart can be in two different places at the same time, how difficult living on your own can get and how much your true friends can count when in times of need.

Yes, this post is a bit more sentimental as I like writing reflective posts as well (do mind checking out the WSPA post after reading this one), but I believe it is essential to stop at times and evaluate yourself, your progress, start eliminating the negative and always spread happiness around you. The little stuff become the big stuff that add quality to your lifestyle, personal balance and inner peace. Start speding your time effectively and wisely, stop procrastinating, stop being afraid of failure or fuss over nothing. S T O P W O R R Y I N G A N D S T A R T L I V I N G.

I hate to admit growing up I was always a TUMBLR freak and reading quotes or short momentos always brighten up my day, but for some reason home quotes and anything related to home always breaks my heart. For some people, home is the place where you are born, where you always return after a long day or a trip, the place where you grew up, you went to school, you got educated, the place where your parents live, where you first made friends and fell in love. But can home be a person and not a place? Most definitely. If a person ever becomes your home, run as fast as you can. (HA) No, jk. It just means you have found a valuable friend and partner, someone who is always there for you, someone who can make you feel on top of the world one moment and then the most miserable person, someone who you can live without, but choose and wish not to ever. E N J O Y L I F E A N D S T O P M A K I N G I T S O C O M P L I C A T E D.

I was and still am emotional, over-attached, spoiled and even a bit of a brat, but coming to Uni has definitely made me see with new eyes and in a new light this whole process of becoming an adult and figuring myself out. To conclude this smoothly, I wanted to write my thoughts on 3rd term and my revision plans. On 25th April, the Hunger Games begin (I have no idea how I can switch so quickly between personalities- from reflective, hopeful to hilarious, pessimistic and vice versa, whoa) and I really want my grades to be good. I have finished all my last essays for this year, but revision has been such a hard task lately. I almost had no clue left from the 1st term, thank God I have two whole months until my first exams (except my Russian exam, which is in week 3 of 3rd term). Thank you all for reading, I hope you find this as ZEN as I felt writing it. Good luck for your May exams!

Elena Sandu
Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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