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Sports clubs and facilities

Hi everyone!

One thing about Warwick which really appealed to me is the range of sports available. This post is about just that – the experiences I have had so far with sports.

Sports I am involved in:

For a full list of the sports clubs:

Benefits of playing sports at Warwick:

  • Playing sports provides you with transferrable skills (teamwork, communication…)
  • Meeting new people! Coming to university and not knowing anybody can be very daunting, you will make so many friends through sports clubs!!
  • Social events – the sports clubs hold some of the best social events (Circling…)
  • Something for everyone. This is really important because some universities focus solely on their national teams. At Warwick, you will find that whether you are starting completely from the beginning or wanting to represent the university, there is something for you.
  • You can play sports YOU want to do – you won’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to do!
  • There is much more choice – e.g. fencing, gliding, ice hockey, polo, rowing, skydiving, and windsurfing (just to name a few) are not usually available at schools and so you will be able to try new things!
  • Keeping fit – It can be very easy to forget the importance of sport when you no longer have compulsory P.E. lessons, however, at Warwick, it will be something you want to do rather than being a chore!

What are the facilities like:

  • The facilities are spread across campus, so you can easily fit in time to attend sessions however often you like
  • You need to book some things in advance such as the squash courts (things like the outdoor tennis courts in Lakeside are walk-in)

For more information on facilities see:

Sports Fair:

  • During your freshers week, you will have a ‘Sports fair’ – this is where you can meet all the sports clubs and sign up to taster sessions. I really recommend you attend as many taster sessions as you can (a great way to bond with your flatmates too, we all went boating!)

Fit sports around study:

  • University is about taking on new experiences as much as it is about academia, and it is really important to get this balance right. Creating a timetable will help to ensure you keep organised; I aim to go for a run in the morning, netball twice a week and swimming during the weekends. This also gives time for other social events and the reading which needs to be done!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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