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Hi everyone, so this blog is just going to be a little flavour of what sport life is like a Warwick University for those of you who are not part of any clubs or are thinking about joining.

So when I first arrived at Warwick University, the advertisements for Sport were everywhere! This is because Warwick has (what feels like) hundreds of sports activities and societies that you can be apart of, from Latin and Ballroom to Hockey, Skiing, Rugby and so much more! Warwick University is very proud of its sporting achievements therefore have put a lot of time and money into its facilities and clubs.

What I recommend doing, is in your first few weeks as a fresher, visit the Sports Fair, which goes on more than once. It is held in the Sports Centre Main Hall and the Desso Hall, there are lots of stands that you can go and sign up to however don’t worry because even though you’ve signed up, it doesn’t mean you have to be apart of that club, it just means you will receive all of their emails relating to upcoming events. There will be hundreds of students handing out flyers and even chocolates if you are lucky!

Since starting Warwick I have joined the Women’s Netball club, there is an option for you to either do Women’s Netball or Mixed Netball including both boys and girls. I have friends who are doing the mixed netball and have a lot of laughs with the boys during netball so give it a go if that sounds like something you fancy (you can attend the first initial classes when you sign up for a sports club without actually joining, just to see if you like it). I decided to go for the all girls netball, which I certainly don’t regret because I’ve made some amazing friends there. In Netball, you will try out for either League teams of BUCS teams. BUCS is the more advanced and competitive side, which I was recalled for however just missed out in the end so I have been put in League. League is still hard work but not as competitive and teams go from 1-6. Training is twice a week (Wednesday 3-5, Saturday 10-12), which is ideal for those of you who might have a lot of work do to, it doesn’t take up huge amounts of your time and is a lovely break from uni work.

In addition to this, I have also joined the Women’s Jogging. I only recently joined this because I needed to get my fitness back up to a good level and I enjoy jogging, so there was no better way. The club runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday usually around an hour long if not less. My favourite is Friday’s jog as we go down beautiful country pathways and cute villages. I definitely recommend this because there is no pressure to run a certain pace, some people are up front, some fall behind. Jogging is just to stay fit and healthy there isn’t a competitive side to it however if you are interested in running more competitively you can do the Park Run held in Leamington and Coventry usually on a Sunday or you can join Warwick’s Athletics.

Not only does Warwick University have great sports clubs but it has very modern sports facilities. There is the main Sports Centre on campus which includes the gym, two huge halls, a swimming pool, even a sauna! There is a climbing centre, squash courts and studios as well. There is also a Westwood Sports Centre which has a games hall, football pitches, athletics tracks, a tennis centre and many more. We aren’t stopping there! Cryfield and Lakeside have Cricket pitches, Netball courts, Lacrosse pitches, Basketball courts, I could literally go on forever!

There is virtually nothing you can’t do at Warwick, as sports clubs are frequently expanding and more students are getting involved each year. Sport is not only a place to get fit, it is also a place where you can enjoy doing something you love, meet new friends and take part in social events.

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