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Speaking out

You’re probably drowning in work and missing home. It’s reading week, so for most of you lucky people are going home for some nutrious food and a well deserved study period. However, I have an exam on Monday!

Stress is one of the main causes for many problems in people’s lives. And I believe it is very important to take the time to look after yourself. Rememeber, there are people around who are ready to listen and advise you on the right path. Warwick has plenty of services where students can find support and guidance. These can be found within their departments, accommodations, on site counselling, the health centre, nightline, even me! Never be ashamed or embarrassed to speak out. The value of talking to someone new is so overlooked. When you talk to someone who doesn’t know you, it helps you to put the problem into perspective because you’re explaining your situation to somebody else, you realise that most of the time the problem isn’t as bad as you thought it was. Even talking to your friends and family will help as they will check up on you. Those who are willing to help you and want to make the effort for you are special people. Don’t feel like you’re a burden, or are creating a fuss out of nothing. I’m sure the problem you are facing somebody else has had a similar experience.

You will never know until you talk. Of course you may not feel comfortable speaking, simply writing an email or dropping a text can have the same effect. Main thing is you are sharing your problem with another person which encourages you to want to make that person prouūd by trying to resolve the issue. The key thing is to maintain faith within yourself, and remembering that you have ever ability to strive for your goals. Little steps are important.

Have a great reading week and second half to the term. Try not to burn yourself out.

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