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Something You May Not Know About

I briefly mentioned the counselling workshops provided by Student Support in a blogpost not too long ago. That entire post was all about the services that Student Support provide, however I wanted to dedicate one post to the workshops. I reckon that a lot of students won’t know about these, but I guarantee they are the most appealing to all of you since you don’t have to make a scheduled appointment and be daunted by a one-to-one meeting. Some students, of course, would prefer a one-to-one meeting, however I’m sure that a lot of students would have concerns that are covered in the workshops and so therefore would find them more accessible.

Some of the topics that were covered this term were:

– Managing Perfectionism

– Building Confidence and Self Esteem

– To Tweet or not to tweet: Overcoming social media procrastination

– Managing Stress and Anxiety

– Coping with Bereavement

plus many more!

The workshops are normally around 2 hours long and are located at Westwood House, on Westwood Campus. They are held in a relaxed and calm environment where there can sometimes be only a few people, whilst sometimes a few more counting up to 20 people, so it varies from time to time. Regardless, it is a place where you can talk to other students, people from the Counselling team and receive general advice on the topic area. Some of the topics mentioned above are ones that are running in the next few weeks of term, so you can click the link here to see the programme for this term and possibly register for some of the workshops. Maybe register to go to one or two with your friends? I for one can relate to a lot of the topics covered in this term’s programme and I wish I had known about the workshops sooner, but I encourage you all to attend them and seek advice if you feel alone!

I hope this post was helpful to any of those needing a bit of advice and support whilst at University, remember to always reach out to the Student Support team if anything is playing on your mind.


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