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First of all, apologies for the London bus like nature of these blog posts – it’s been a busy few weeks! I’ll have more time over the coming months so they should be more regular.

I thought today I’d actually provide some semi-useful information, it’s been a while. So, I’m going to talk a bit about the management course itself now I’ve officially completed year 1 (bar resits…)! I should point out that all of the following was true for me, there may well be changes and alterations to the course in future years.

The year is split up into 10 modules covering a range of topics including stats, accounting, marketing, operations management, economics, finance and more. This is ace for giving you a broad understanding of the workings of businesses and allows you to give everything a go before selecting modules in years 2 and 3. I’ve naturally found some modules more difficult than others, but there isn’t any assumed knowledge going into any of the modules, so you’re safe from any background! Of course, studying maths would help you with the stats modules, and economics for the economics modules etc… But none are a prerequisite, everything is taught from the ground up!

For most modules, I had 2 hours worth of lectures per week (either one 2 hour lecture or two 1 hour lectures) plus a 1 hour seminar. This varies across modules, for example, some modules are taught more using online resources (such as videos). I’ve found that all of the modules provide you with ample material to learn from, most of which is accessible online (which is so useful!).

Choosing modules for the second year having studied such a variety of modules in first year gave me some confidence in the decision I was making, as I now know the kind of modules I enjoy studying!

Overall, don’t worry about not having studied business/economics/maths etc… before as everything is taught with no prior knowledge assumed. Also, enjoy first year! It goes by worryingly quickly…

Best of luck in your exams (if and when you’re taking them)!


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