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Something to do each week of Term 2

Hi everyone and welcome back to Uni!

If you’re anything like me, the prospect of it getting that little bit closer to exams, a little bit colder outside and the workload getting that little bit more intense is not the most inviting, so I need things to look forward to. Therefore, I have prepared a list giving something to do each week of the second term, so if you’re stuck with an empty week, you can have a bit of inspiration:

Week 1: Refreshers Fair

You will probably not be stumped with things to do in Week One, saying hello to your buds from the flat and your societies and getting back into the swing of this ‘learning’ business is quite time consuming. However, if you feel you missed out on the action of signing up to sports clubs and societies in Term 1 because you were so bombarded with that tedious job of ‘impressing your flatmates’, no need to worry, you have been given a second chance with the Refreshers Fair. Details of this have yet to be announced, I assume it will be Thursday/Friday in the Sports Centre, but as soon as I find out more I will update the post.

EDIT: I think I might have made this up as it doesn’t seem to have happened- sorry about that! If you’re still relying on me for something to do, call your grandparents, they’d love to hear from you! [Wed, 13th Jan 2016]

Week 2: Coppafeel at Kasbah

I have found it is nearly impossible to have a bad night out at Kasbah because it is such a beautiful place filled with the majesty of £1 Jaegerbombs and hot dogs, and the wonderful people of the Uni Boob team have given you the gift of a guilt-free good time. On Monday 18 January Kasbah hosts a Coppafeel Charity Night, where all proceeds go to Coppafeel, a charity dedicated to eradicating late-detection of breast cancer. Uniexpress is still available, so why the hell not? (

Week 3: Holocaust Survivor Testimony and Q&A

On the 26 January, as part of the Holocause Memorial Day contributions, head over to PLT at 18:00 to hear Susi Bechhofer recount her extraordinary experiences during the Holocaust and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. (

Week 4: Spa Day

Not much going on this week on campus, but last term I discovered the Welcombe Spa at the Hallmark Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon which you can get into to use the pools, jacuzzi and saunas for £15 for basically as long as you want. The 16A bus from Leamington should take you right outside the hotel on a weekday, X16 on a Saturday, but use the 18A on a Sunday and then walk to it from the centre of town. It is lovely, and really nice to chill out if the Uni is getting to you, and the buses are stagecoach so free if you have the bus pass!

Week 5: Warwick Lost/ Valentines Film in Leam Casablanca

Week 5 is filled with Valentinesy events, but if you are looking to impress, the most romantic event would probably be to head to Leam to watch Casablanca at the Royal Spa Centre at 20:00 on the 14 Feb. You get a glass of Prosecco with entry, and you could always grab a fancy meal at La Coppola before you go. Not got/desire any romantic plans? That is the weekend of Warwick Lost, presented by Warwick Jailbreak Society. Get blindfolded on a minibus, dumped in a far off location and race back to Uni without using any money! Look out for sign-ups and info meetings a few weeks before, get a few of you in a group and give it a go.

Week 6: Films with Warwick Student Cinema

Another quiet week in terms of events, but Warwick Student Cinema have prepared some cracking flicks. Absolute classic ‘The Matrix’ is on Thursday, there is a midnight showing of the horror ‘The Wicker Man’ on Friday and see if Depp can finally make a comeback with ‘Black Mass’ on Saturday. Screenings are in L3 on the Science Concourse for £3.50 for non-members and £2.50 for members.

Week 7: Coventry Half Marathon

This one involves a bit of preparation, may have to swap a few of these activities for some treadmill sessions, but on Sunday 28 February the Coventry Half Marathon runners set off and you could join them! Tick off the ‘#gains’-related new year’s resolution by getting into training and raise a bit of money for charity for only £25.

Week 8: Katherine Ryan at the Arts Centre

Awesome comedienne Katherine Ryan, mostly known for occasionally being the token female on various comedy panel shows, is coming to the Arts Centre on the 3 March at 20:00. I have seen her live twice and can guarantee a good show and some admirable fashion choices, but if you don’t believe me get to the internet! (

Week 9: Pub Quiz

It is difficult to know what is going on this late in the term, as the SU events calendar has yet to be published, however for a fun Thursday night activity, head to the Dirty Duck for 22:00 with your brainiest pals for the Cleverducks pub quiz, which is always a load of fun and great prizes on offer. For Leamington-dwellers, the Duke pub quiz is on every Sunday at 20:00 always with cash prizes and a snowball jackpot which is just ridiculously massive. Also, you get a free massive plate of nachos halfway through. ‘Nuff said.

Week 10: POP!

Like Week 1, Week 10 is a busy one, but you can’t miss the last Pop! of term. Grab your old torn-up, Purple-stinking costume and head to circle with your society like the Warwick slave you are and let Disco Dave serenade you with the same-old, gorgeous playlist that Wednesday. Circle tickets have probably all sold out unless you were on it before term started, but someone will be selling one for sure.

Hope these keep you busy!

Fi xx

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