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Something That EVERYONE Needs For Uni


I came across this fab item on a couple youtube videos and I think it’s amazing! Its a Q&A a day journal for 5 years, so everyday it asks you a question which you answer, and you answer that question on that same day for the next 5 years. It’s similar to another journal that I’ve seen which I think is called the One Line A Day journal or something, but I love this one way more because it forces me to answer a particular question (so it makes it a bit more interesting) PLUS I can write a sentence about my day in the leftover space. For Uni, this is so so great because you can reflect back and see what you got up to everyday, as well as see how your outlook on things change over the years.

It would be best if you could start it at the beginning of your degree (in my opinion) because then you can really see how you change during your degree, as well as after your degree when you start your career! Although of course starting it any time is perfectly fine, I didn’t manage to get mine in time for the start of my 1st year so I started it in late October 2015 – so a few weeks into my 1st year.




Lovely gold pages, so obviously it looks fab. I’ll insert some pictures of a couple dates so you can get an idea of how the layout works – of course I purposely chose pages that don’t have my deep secrets and emotions on them because I don’t show this journal to ANYONE hahaha, it’s just for my reflection.





On the two days above I didn’t seem to have much to write about my day, but normally I’ll write what I’ve done that day and any crazy things that happened. I’ve already found it so interesting looking at my responses from last year over the past couple months, because obviously I started the journal in October 2015, so when it came to start of my 2nd year a few months ago, it was so funny reading my thoughts about how stressful assignments were in Term 1 first year – I look at it now and think how I used to get way too stressed… but yeah, I really recommend that you all get one! They’re so great as a reflection, and it only takes up like 15 seconds to do every night, I pretty much never forget because I keep my journal on my desk.

You can get it from Amazon, WHSmith and Waterstones. If any of you do buy it and give it a go, let me know what you think!


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